Composition Workshop 


Music Composition Samples

Noise / Wind      (For String Quarter and Live Electronics)                                                                

Noise / Wind
00:00 / 10:07

Phasing []           (For Flute and Fixed Media)                                                                       

Phasing [ ]
00:00 / 18:55

Landscape 1.1      (For Clarinet in Bb and Piano)                                                                   

Landscape 1.1
00:00 / 10:17

Il mura della terra      ( For Flute, Vocal and Live Electronics)                                                            

Il Muro della Terra .mp3
00:00 / 16:12

Role: Composer/Designer/Construction

Interdisciplinary works




Toys. Spoons. Zucchinis. Surgery. Oceans. Plastic is everywhere in our lives. This convenient and most controversial material will be explored extensively in PLASTIC. Sounds combine with theatre, visuals and dance to illuminate new perspectives in a unique concert format

Sound installation

Resonance Space




Every performance is performed and expierenced by a single audience. An audience enters the performance space, which is in low-light condition covered with fog. In the barely visible condition, audience wanders around the space and triggers the musical event by walking over the sensing floor area without noticing.