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Chonglian Yu is a composer, sound artist, and programmer. His artistic practice shapes sonic language into a connective medium with external reality. From instrumental music to electronic music, sound installation, and interdisciplinary performance, his works explore the connection between sensory experience and artistic perception. His compositional interests are closely tied to realizing a speculative future and his cultural roots.


Yu's works have been performed and exhibited worldwide at various concerts and festivals by ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble Linea, Ensemble PHACE, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME), Jack Quartet, Keiko Murakami, Mivos Quartet, ‎MolOt-Ensemble, Proxima Centauri, Roadrunner Trio, Sound Icon and more.


Born in Hangzhou, China, Yu studied cello and later composition from a very young age. He finished his bachelor's degree in classical composition in Boston, United States, and his master's degree in classical composition at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Netherlands, with Wim Henderickx and Jorrit Tamminga. He later studied computer music at IEM, Graz, with Marko Ciciliani.

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